Conference Presentations
Presenting research at a conference is a major highlight of any academic's career. Choosing the right conference is important. Not only is attending expensive (travel costs, conference fees, lodging costs), but it is also a large time investment. The conference may span 3-7 days itself, but also preparing abstracts and the presentation takes a significant amount of time.  Not only do researchers need to make sure they choose a conference with the right audience, but we now have to be alert to avoid predatory conferences. Like predatory journals, predatory conferences are scams that prey on unwary researchers and especially researchers from developing countries.  Predatory conferences concern themselves with money, and no interest in scientific or business ethics. They falsely advertise that top academics in the field are presenting (but they do not), there is no peer-review, and high fees. If the conference is cancelled, and they often are after fees have been collected, there are no refunds. If the conference does take place, it is barely attended, and only by other scammed researchers.In this article we outline how to identify and avoid predatory conferences.