Our mission at Sengi Data is to make the publication process easier for researchers so they can focus on conducting their research. We specialize in the preparation of articles before submission for peer review.

Simplifying Research Publication

At Sengi Data we come to work everyday because we want to help people get published. Many researchers struggle because they simply do not have the time, lack specialized skills, or because English is not their first language. Despite these difficulties publications are necessary to advance the careers of researchers as they are key to receive research funding, become a professor, or even to obtain a job in industry. This difficult situation is often described as “Publish or Perish”.

Our Leadership

Brad has a passion for research, with more than 8 years of experience publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals, data and statistical analysis, grant writing, and conference presentations. He also acts as a peer-reviewer for several medical and ophthalmology journals.
Brad Hall | PhD
Medical Researcher/Writer
Fatima is a biological scientist with seven years of experience conducting research studies, publishing peer-reviewed manuscripts, mining data, writing grant applications, and creating conference presentations. She acts as a peer-reviewer for journals with evolutionary biology topics.
Fatima Mitterboeck | PhD
Scientific Researcher/Writer
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