´╗┐Research Services


You are a busy researcher. Sengi Data offers a variety of research services to simplify your research life. 

Our PhD experts will complete your research tasks that you do not have the time for or may lack the specialized skills to complete.

Research Articles

Let our PhD experts prepare your research article. Services include writing, editing, statistical analysis, figure and table preparation, and formatting.

Medical Writing

Medical writing by our PhD experts. Your medical/clinical trial documents prepared for disemination. Services include writing, editing, statistical analysis, visuals preparation, and formatting.

Grant Writing

You need funding to conduct research. Let our expert grant writing team prepare your proposals. Services include government, private, equipment, and collaborative grants.

Conference Presentations

Conference presentations are great to showcase your work. We simplify them by preparing your abstracts, presentations, and selecting the right conference.

The Best Choice for your Research Career

Sengi Data will simplify research publication for your busy research life. Talk with one of our PhD experts to get started.