Grant Writing

We simplify grant writing for busy researchers like you. Many researchers struggle to receive funding because they simply do not have the time, lack specialized skills, or because English is not their first language.

Despite these difficulties grants are necessary to conduct your research. Without research funding your career will stagnate, decreasing your chances of becoming a professor or even to obtain a job in industry. This difficult situation is often described as “Funded or Perish”.

Our team of PhD experts know how to get your research funded. We prepare many different types of grant proposals including government grants, private grants, equipment grants, collaborative grants and more.

Government Grants

Your research grants prepared for the top research agencies.

Private Grants

Your research grants prepared for the top private research funding agencies.

Equipment Grants

We help you apply and get the equipment you need.

Collaborative Grants

We work with you and your collaborators to submit your best proposal.

The Best Choice for your Research Career

Sengi Data will simplify research publication for your busy research life. Talk with one of our PhD experts to get started.